My thought for the day

So every time I feel like I am ugly or look horrible that day i come here and look at all the motivation things people put on here. Another thing that I think of is that one guy that told me I was beautiful and had a beautiful smile. First guy since I’ve gained wait that has told me that. I think of that moment an how happy he made me feel. Nothing was done about it because I’m in a relationship of 6 yrs but still. That is how I get through the bad days!

Do pictures of skinny girls doesn’t really motivate me. I mean if you are naturally skinny and don’t have to do anything that’s great for you. But those pictures that show before and after are what motivates me. It shows that anyone can do anything if they really want it and set their minds to it. That’s my rant for the day.

Today I am actually feeling a little better and up for a walk. Not going to push it though cause I still feel horrible.

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