So I haven’t been doing my work outs or walking since I’ve been sick. I haven’t gotten on the scale for a good minute but I did this morning. I started at 240. Now I am at 235. Slowly getting there. Hopefully I will be filling better soon so I can get back to my work outs.


Today wasn’t so bad, I got my 2 mile walk/run in this morning. I can’t say I ate the best I could but owell I am a work in progress. The thing I like about walking is that no matter how much ur legs might hurt u can’t stop because if u do then u are just stuck where u are at. U have to get home some way so suck it up and walk or run to get there faster lol. Well that is my way of thinking when I’m out there. With these videos I can easily push stop when I’m feeling like I can’t push anymore. I almost stopped today because my legs were on fire but I didn’t. I pushed myself to keep going.

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So this weekend was very busy for me. But i accomplished something i haven’t been able to do in a really long time. It may not seem like a lot for some of you but you have to remember i just started working out again. Saturday night after running around doing errands all day i got a good walk in 2 miles. Then Sunday morning i got a 2.5 mile walk/run in. For me that is a long way. I have also realized that some people love doing programs but for me Walking/running is my exercise. Its when i get to clear my head and take in everything around me. I didnt get my piyo  two workouts done but i am fine with that. I Still got good work outs done in my eyes. 

Today has been a rough day for me to do anything for myself. Being a single mom is hard when your child is sick and wont even let you go to the restroom. Absolutely nothing got done around my house except some laundry that she got dirty. Tomorrow if she is better maybe i can get my walk in with piyo.

That was my update 

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